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What you need to know about the mandatory Standard Lease Agreement

chinneck  -  Feb 28, 2018  -  No Comments
By Taylor Knight, Paralegal, with contributions by Brianne Smith, Law Clerk All landlords and tenants in Ontario should be aware that as of April 30, 2018, a new standard-form residential lease must be used for almost all new residential leases.   Who Is Affected. The standard lease will be required

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Waiving Title Requisitions: a Refresher

chinneck  -  Feb 13, 2018  -  No Comments
by Jordan Overholt, Chinneck Law. The Agreement of Purchase and Sale (“APS”) is Ontario’s standard-form contract for the purchase and sale of land, and its Section 10 contains two important deadlines that all parties to a land transaction must understand. The first deadline is the Requisition Date, which is the

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