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Did You Know… HST May Be Payable On The Sale Of Ontario Farmland?

chinneck  -  Sep 25, 2016  -  No Comments
Often, real estate agents find themselves faced with difficult questions surrounding the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and its connection to the sale of Ontario farmland. As real estate agents typically have first contact with prospective sellers, it’s important that they consider the following (non-exhaustive) list of questions prior to drafting

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A recent Divisional Court win by Todd Devitt of Chinneck Law

chinneck  -  Jul 16, 2016  -  No Comments
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Congratulations Mattison!

chinneck  -  Jun 23, 2016  -  No Comments
Mattison Chinneck with Christopher Bredt (Bencher of LSUC) and Christopher Bentley (Executive director of The Law Practice Program at Ryerson University) at the Call to the Bar on June 17, 2016

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Another lawyer in the family

chinneck  -  Jun 23, 2016  -  No Comments
London’s newest lawyer Mattison Chinneck after convocation on June 17, 2016 with Bencher Christopher Bredt, brother Braedy Chinneck, and father Jed Chinneck

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Did You Know… Late payment charges and default fees set out in a mortgage are unenforceable and contrary to the Interest Act?

chinneck  -  Apr 26, 2016  -  No Comments
In PARCEL v Acquaviva (2015 ONCA 331), Pardis and two of his land holding companies signed a mortgage agreement as well as a promissory note securing a loan against Pardis’ land holdings. The mortgage agreement and the promissory note both secured the same loan of $458,488.07 and both contained an

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Did You Know… Not dealing with Digital Assets under your Will could cause problems for your estate?

chinneck  -  Mar 11, 2016  -  No Comments
According to a news story reported by CBC, a 72-year old Canadian Woman (“Peggy”) was told by Apple that in order for her to obtain her recently deceased husband’s password to his Apple account, she would need to obtain a court order. Peggy lost her husband, David, to lung cancer

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Bill 73, Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015

chinneck  -  Feb 02, 2016  -  No Comments
The Ontario government passed Bill 73, Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015, in December 2015, resulting in several amendments to existing legislation (the Planning Act and Development Charges Act). The effects of Bill 73 appear to have been intended to give citizens a greater influence in how their communities

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The Hidden Risk in Uber Drivers’ Lack of Insurance

chinneck  -  Jan 22, 2016  -  No Comments
Uber seems to remain in a bit of an uncertain legal “grey area”. Licensed taxi drivers are very adament that if they require a licence to provide taxi services, so should Uber drivers. However, thus far, Uber drivers have managed to avoid trouble in this regard, and customers have been

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Our clients are the best!

chinneck  -  Jan 18, 2016  -  No Comments
See it here:

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Land Transfer Tax Bear Trap

chinneck  -  Dec 18, 2015  -  No Comments
Despite common belief (even amongst lawyers and accountants), the title of the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Act (the “LTT Act”) is a misnomer. While it is true that the LTT Act is the primary legislation dealing with tax on transferred land, the surprisingly short LTT Act’s reach is much broader

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