A Will expresses an individual’s “last will and testament”. In other words, it expresses his or her last wishes that take effect upon his or her death. It is only one part of a proper Estate Plan.

There are a number of formal requirements that must be complied with for a Will to be valid. That is why Will Kits are not generally recommended, and why it is best to have a lawyer draft your Will.

If you do not have a Will, make it a priority to get one, even if you have no assets. This is because a Will takes much of the uncertainty out of what you want if you were to die suddenly. Imagine for a moment that you have just died unexpectedly. Don’t you think that it would be easier for your family and loved ones if you have a Will and an inventory of your assets and liabilities. They will know who you wish to act as your estate trustee (formerly called Executor), who your beneficiaries are and what goes to whom. A Will relieves your loved one of the burdens of uncertainty at a very stressful time.

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Simple or Complex:

You can do virtually anything you want with your last Will. We usually recommend that you keep your Will simple unless there are specific things that you wish to accomplish or certain things you wish to do with specific assets.

For example, you may wish to establish a “spousal trust” for your spouse, or special trust for a child with special needs.

We generally try to help structure Wills to minimize the tax consequences of death.

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